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To achieve the County Executive’s Vision of a Thriving Economy, Great Schools, Safe Neighborhoods and High Quality Healthcare by targeting cross-governmental resources to neighborhoods that have significant needs.



The objective is to improve key indicators in the targeted areas. These indicators include violent crime, property crime, 3rd grade and 5th grade reading and math scores, school absentee rates, foreclosure rates, concentrations of Section 8 housing, income levels, pedestrian deaths/injuries and residents on public assistance. At different times, and perhaps in different locations, some indicators may be more important than others. These indicators will impact the major indicator of neighborhood health -- property values -- which we will also track over time. (Note these indicators are not all inclusive, but they are the ones that were available to us at the neighborhood level (Census Designated Place (CDP). We are open to adding indicators if the data is available by CDP).



Many of the challenges that confront us are interrelated and, in areas of higher need, the preponderance of challenges severely inhibits the opportunities for neighborhoods and the individuals who live in them. Furthermore, elevated indicators like high crime, low test scores and blighted properties in the handful of higher need neighborhoods greatly impact our Countywide performance and the perception of our County from outsiders. So, alignment of department/agency efforts in areas of higher need is likely to result in better organizational efficiency, focused resources and greater success in making long-term transformation. For example, reducing foreclosure rates and crime in an area are likely to improve education in that area. Better education, job training and drug counseling will reduce crime. Reducing crime and raising property standards will attract investment. But we can only put the pieces of the puzzle together if we are all focused on the same puzzle at the same time.



Six areas of the County have been chosen as having significant needs: 1) Langley Park; 2) East Riverdale/Bladensburg; 3) Landover; 4) Coral Hills/Suitland; 5) Hillcrest Heights/Marlow Heights; and 6) Glassmanor. These areas were chosen because they substantially affect violent crime rates Countywide. Violent crime was chosen as our lead indicator for this phase of the initiative because of its overall impact on investment in the County by businesses, developers and potential new residents. Education was a close second to violent crime but was not chosen as the initial indicator due to the structural independence of the school system and the ease/frequency of measurement of violent crime. But education (3rd grade and 5th grade test scores) was included in the second set of indicators.



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